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By Ash Law

ISBN-10: 1936781336

ISBN-13: 9781936781331

An Age of Wizardy has arrived!

Magic is in all places. no matter if it’s a hidden strength wielded by means of a mystery few or the strength that powers a whole realm, magic is an important a part of any fable international. And now its secrets and techniques are yours!

Deep Magic: thirteenth Age appropriate version is for thirteenth Age avid gamers who wish new suggestions that permit them to bend truth to their wills and practice fabulous feats of sword and sorcery.

Designer ASH legislations (also the fashion designer of the Midgard Bestiary: thirteenth Age suitable variation) brings an astonishing number of new magic innovations to the sport, including:

• 555 wizard spells starting from shrewdpermanent tips to summoning the realm Serpent itself to wreak havoc
• four new classification abilities that placed wizard spells in the take hold of of each class—play an arcane ranger, a spirit-calling barbarian, a time-warping commander or face-stealing trickster druid
• 30 new colleges of magic together with the Cult of Ouroboros, the crimson Inquisition and the students of dirt, with directions for growing your individual magical tradition
• five magical crusade suggestions: post-apocalyptic vril magic, the mysteries of the ley strains, a class-warfare arcanopunk crusade alternative, and more!

For GMs trying to find new fabric, or gamers searching for personality customization recommendations, this large tome is the publication you’ve been dreaming of.

Dive into Deep Magic this day!

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• terribly robust clinical goods and artifacts, resembling extinction wave units, powered armor, and nuclear reactors!
• The technomancer status category, which lets you use magic to command robots and tool your know-how .
• ideas for man made intelligences, the results of the passage of time on technological goods, the hazards of radiation, the seven skymetals of Numeria, technological traps, and more!

The expertise consultant is a must have for GMs operating the Iron Gods experience course or somebody trying to introduce super-science into any Pathfinder experience or crusade environment.

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It becomes a rising, rushing sound ending in a trumpet-like blare (that is clearly audible to you and others) when you call on the exalted chance. If the spell’s benefit is not used by the end of the day (the next full heal up), it simply fades away without effect. Once you choose the affected action, this spell allows two skill checks to be made for it. You take the most favorable result. This magic can affect only actions you (the caster) take, but you can choose after casting to transfer the benefits of the spell to a willing creature you touch.

CORPSE REBELLION Ranged spell Recharge 16+ after battle Target: You or a nearby ally Effect: Until the end of the battle the target gains +1 to AC and PD against ranged attacks. Adventurer Feat: Once per battle you pop an enemy engaged with the target free. Champion Feat: Once per battle the target can ride the whirlwind and disengage without drawing opportunity attacks or move without being intercepted. Epic Feat: Once per battle the target can fly on its turn as a move action. Ranged spell Recharge 16+ after battle Target: One nearby or far away undead creature Attack vs: MD (+4 attack bonus against mindless undead creatures) Hit: The target becomes confused (save ends).

Some magic users called this spell Hair of the Hero or Mane of Glory, but its popularity with female spell-casters has led to its more widely accepted name. The hair remains after the battle (until cut), though its glow and its power fades. Adventurer Feat: You also gain the benefits of the hair, healing yourself on turns when you do not attack. If no ally healed using the power of the hair, but you did, then it is still expended as usual. The hair is long and strong enough to serve as an improvised rope.

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