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All white. Easy. Sorrowful. Mysterious. Coy. Compelling. WISTFUL! How could anyone hate a bride? I also bought some white face paint, a full-length lace veil, and a pair of long, white opera gloves. Then I went to the wig shop and completed my ensemble with a black Bettie-Page-style bob. I bought a glass vase from a thrift shop and spray-painted it white on the sidewalk outside of my apartment. I started the next day. I decided it would be perfect to hand out flowers as little tokens of gratitude, but I didn’t know exactly how many I would need.

We decided to do it in the UK, where the bulk of them live. ) Furthermore, the setting was magic: Neil owned a house on a teeny island in Scotland, which was coincidentally the birthplace of my maternal grandmother. It is a windswept, breathtaking-but-desolate grassy rock from which my ancestors fled in poverty-stricken terror in the early 1900s, seeking a brighter, less-breathtaking-but-less-desolate future overseas in the promising neighborhoods of the Bronx. The night before the wedding party, Neil and I bedded down early to get a full night’s sleep, anticipating an epic day of party organizing, eating, drinking, and nervously introducing two hundred family members to one another.

An astronaut! A veterinarian! (I liked my cat. ) The truth just sounded too stupid. I wanted to be a Rock Star. Not a pop star. A ROCK STAR. An artistic one, a cool one. Like Prince. Like Janis Joplin. Like Patti Smith. Like the dudes in The Cure. The ones who looked like they Lived Their Art. I loved playing the piano, I loved writing songs, and I knew that if I had any choice in the matter, THAT’S the job I wanted. But I had no clue how anybody got such a job, or what being a wage-earning artist meant in practical terms.

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