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Kett's rebel- 14 Common and commonable lands to be distinguished. Statutes of Merton and Westminster. Commonable lands. Common or open fields. INTRODUCTION. there were 1,058. They became even more numerous after 1800, but at the close of the war began to decrease in number. As we know, they are now rare, and are watched with extreme jealousy in and out of Parliament. 1 These inclosures, so formidable in numbers, so vital in their influence upon the oldest and largest English industry, are sometimes treated as though they applied entirely to commons, the waste land of the manor, over which the lord and his tenants had concurrent rights.

22 Hen. VIII. c. 3. RIVER FLOODS—THE THAMES. " In 1580-1, therefore, eight years more were assigned for this reclamation. 2 On the opposite bank the river made repeated breaches at Dagenham and Havering; and again Daggham Parliament more than once supplied the requisite authority ing. 3 While these efforts were made to win land from sea or river, or secure it from encroachment, Parliament was called upon to aid in a work which, for good or for evil, did still more to change the face of the country.

For remedy of this complaint, the Act allowed each owner and farmer to inclose and keep in severalty, freed from rights of common, as much land as, when added to his then existing severalty holding, would make up a clear third part of his entire holding. The other two parts were to continue subject to the same uses and custom as before. Ancient waste and commons open all the year were not to be affected. What appear from their Argyleshire," published in 1805, remarks (p. " The dwellings of these small holders were set together, he says, so that they might unite in self-defence, if any raids were made upon their property.

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