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Thesis, University of Wisconsin, 1940. 16 Hopkins Moorhouse, Deep Furrows; Louis A. Wood, A History of the Farmers' Movements in Canada, 159-222; Grain Growers' Guide, 4:5 (February 7, 1912) ; B. E. Walker, "The East and West" in J. O. Miller, The New Era in Canada, 136. THE FARMER'S BURDEN 27 tions which had earlier been acquired by American farmers through the Granger laws of the 1870's, the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1887, the state grain grading acts, and the railroad and warehouse commission acts of the 1890's.

27 Bahmer, op. , 164. 42 AGRARIAN REVOLT IN WESTERN CANADA moved, for the Canadian West was forced to sell in an unprotected world market and buy in a protected home market. This disadvantage was keenly felt in the West and was commonly believed to be the explanation for the slow development of the prairies. 29 Few exAmericans possessed sufficient background in tariff questions to play any significant role in the matter. The tariff issue among farmers in the States had long been subordinated to other issues, such as the currency and credit questions and railway and marketing controls.

33 attention as a serious handicap in organization, was virtually eliminated by the advent of better roads, rural delivery of mail, the telephone, and the automobile. These innovations were of particular importance in the wheat belt, where the wheat growers' working season could be confined to seedtime and harvest. 3 Certainly the percentage of wheat farmers among the debaters on the courthouse steps was always very high during the off seasons. Organization among the farmers was further aided by the high percentage of farmers who possessed experience in previous agrarian movements.

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Addenda and corrigenda to the catalogue of neotropical squamata by P. E Vanzolini

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