Adorno and Art: Aesthetic Theory Contra Critical Theory by J. Hellings PDF

By J. Hellings

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A entire, severe and available account of Theodor W. Adorno's materialist-dialectical aesthetic concept of artwork from a modern point of view, this quantity indicates how Adorno's serious conception is awash with photos crystallising concepts to one of these measure that it has each cause to be defined as aesthetic.

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Art cannot be so easily and immediately instrumentalised: it works differently. Adorno argued that art ‘cast different lights on the familiar’ (AT 243). Art shows, art renders visible, but what art shows (even if what art presents is either that which is disappearing or that which is invisible) must not be misconstrued as art communicating a discursive meaning or making a political statement or taking an ideological position. Art cannot say what it shows, because an address is not a judgement, and a question mark cannot answer itself.

Done all in his power to save the message from extinction. ) the duration of hope, to the indestructibility of possibilities and the frailty of adversities that bar them from implementation. 10 The open work’s equation of unknown variables also describes the construction, distribution and reception of artworks ‘as indeterminate, as antithetical to definitions’ (AT 72), which may wordlessly express a lonely language of suffering and despair, but which always address themselves to uncertain futures and imaginary witnesses who may or may not be capable of reading them.

By understanding how anti-art is not merely external but integral to the account of art’s autonomy,’ Martin argues, ‘we can understand how autonomy need not be conceived conservatively as a defence of what traditionally has achieved autonomy’ (AAA 187). Adorno’s aesthetics was not concerned with defending traditional autonomous art (l’art pour l’art), and it was neither criminally reactionary nor aesthetically obsolete. Adorno’s aesthetics was concerned with locating the new possibilities for autonomous sensory experience generated by new forms of art in and against aestheticised society.

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