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After the e-book of the Latin textual content (Brill, 24), with completely new rules about the text-genese, a close commentery is actually asked for all destiny investigations.

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He himself worked mainly on these IBM machines. In Bergen, they wanted to be just as advanced as the Oslo branch. In 1952, the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Bergen (UiB) rented an IBM 602 A. By mid-1955, they expanded this business to a centre for the whole university. Professor Carl Ludvig Godske was an important person in Bergen. He was a member of the NTNF Committee for Mathematical Machines, and one of his colleagues was Kare Floisand. Already in 1952 Floisand had published papers in the NCC series on subjects such as "Punched card equipment and their use in scientific computations" and "The mark sensing method and a survey of its accuracy".

Quite a few young scientists received scholarships to the US as part of the Marshall Aid program. One of those young scientists was Henry Viervoll. In 1948, he wrote home from USA to his professor of physics at the UiO about the modem computers developed during the war. Because of this letter, three professors at UiO proposed to NTNF in November 1948 that they should set up a "Committee for Mathematical Machines". By January 1949, they The pioneer era in Norwegian scientific computing (1948 -1962) established the committee.

Then you say, "It may have exceeded the "t" of the infological equation". However, I do not think of "t" as a sort of limit, but rather as an independent variable. Do you mean to say it would have "exceeded a reasonable " f of the infological equation"? BL: Yes, I am thinking of the time "t" that I expect my reader to have available. That is an interesting factor, especially when one considers how explicit one should be. The writer also cannot spend unlimited time on the matter. One must expect the reader to have an "allotted time", to cite an interesting book I recently found in the library.

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