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Paintings can reframe, rework, reenact or reconstruct fact. utilizing artwork tasks which are
intervening in latest social realities, this thesis strives to investigate how artwork can intervene
in the development of fact. The artwork works selected are various studies that move
from participatory environments to video installations. Francis Alÿs, Jeremy Deller,
Omer quickly, Thomas Hirschhorn, Pierre Huyghe, Vik Muniz, Walid Raad and Santiago
Sierra are utilizing resources that come from the industrial and political process, interventions
in the typical and present historic evidence. The artistic endeavors are wondering the codes of
representation, the relation with the opposite, the development of reminiscence and the authority
of background. there's a everlasting stress among the inventive representations and truth
itself; that is to assert, an everlasting clash among the fiction and the true. This thesis
examines practices which are addressing social and old stipulations, with a view to
compare ideas and conflictive occasions that seem within the versions utilized by the artists.

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All of the 5 volumes within the Stone artwork concept Institutes series—and the seminars on which they're based—brings jointly quite a number students who're no longer constantly at once accustomed to one another’s paintings. the result of every of those convergences is an intensive and “unpredictable dialog” on knotty and provocative matters approximately artwork.

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14 Cf. P. Gavi, Sartre, P. Victor, On a raison de se revolter, Discussions, Paris : Gallimard 1974, ch. : Compagnon de route du Parti Communiste, p. 23-35, esp. p. 30, 31 f. - Cf. M Winock, Le siecle des intellectuels, Paris: Seuil, 1997, p. 491-500. 5 Cf. chapter 11 below: "Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre". 16 Cf. Sartre, The Problem of Method, p. 85-166. 2. Reconstructing the projet The 'projet' or (life-)project - a further concept of Sartre's technique of portraiture - extrapolates a person's possibilities into the future and then, having assessed how far these had been realised, attempts to draw conclusions about that person's commitment or involvement.

723, p. 7 f. 17 Cf. ditto, Jean Giraudoux and the Philosophy of Aristotle, p. 42. 18 Cf. , p. 38 19 Cf. ditto, Being and Nothingness, p. 593. e. makes something of it for him- or herself. But in this sense the milieu cannot explain anything on its own. Nonetheless the milieu deserves a certain amount of attention if one is attempting to ascertain the artist's degree of consciousness and freedom. But Sartre does not simply ask what became of the artists and their lives. The decisive questions reads: what did they make of their origins?

A human being is completely determined by the circumstances he is part of and by his epoch, reproducing these as something unique. This means that every prediction becomes shaky. 9 His concept of the universal singular is based on a dialectical approach. But he does not accept dialectics unconditionally. The artist portraits are for Sartre a further opportunity to test dialectics' applicability in practice. Dialectics offers him a framework of ideas, though without becoming one of the main methodological components in the artist portraits.

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