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By Prof. Dr. Richard Eppler (auth.)

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54° is also plotted. 56° < ex;. 00% for the NACA airfoil. The shapes of both airfoils are very similar except in a very small region near the leading edge. The velocity also differs slightly near the beginning of the main recovery. The redesigned airfoil has a very definite beginning of the recovery, which is more gradual on the NACA airfoil. It is of interest whether this is a numerical smoothing effect of the analysis method. So, airfoil 993 is reanalysed. The velocity distributions from the design and the analysis methods are both shown in Fig.

An unintended shape can be detected here. This is also true if KH + KH is too large, which would indicate a very blunt trailing edge. The second listing contains the airfoil coordinates and the velocity distributions. It must be initiated by an ALFA-line, the details of which are described in Reference [1]. 56 V-DISTR. FOR THE ABOVE ALPHA REL. ZERO-LIFT LINE 1. 035 1. 009 1. 025 1. 050 1. 062 1. 092 1. 186 1. 169 1. 157 1. 144 1. 128 1. 107 1. 258 1. 040 1. 982 1. 704 1. 821 1. 144 1. 157 1. 169 1.

It must be emphasized, however, that an iteration of a": changes the recovery function for a I fixed a. If, = 9, In some as in = 0°, a7 must be excluded for unchanged ITMOD therefore, a the example of airfoil from 992, the the recovery iteration, which has is to remain possible with because only one additional segment exists on either surface. rare cases, it might be desirable to exclude the recovery segments from the iteration of a":, when more than one segment is introduced between the leading edge and I the beginning of the recovery.

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Airfoil Design and Data by Prof. Dr. Richard Eppler (auth.)

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