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By John Duggan, Henry Cord Meyer

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Now German civilian and military offices began competing among themselves for power to guide airship developments. The military still sponsored the airships of Parseval and Gross-Basenach, and found parallels in American, British, Italian, and French non-rigid ventures. In May, however, the Ministry of the Interior contracted with Zeppelin for basic improvements on LZ3 and provided Reichstag support of a half-million mark subsidy, including construction of a new floating German Precedents 29 hangar.

32 Though airship designers and builders did not establish the intimate psychological relationships characteristic of a single pilot with his airplane, they did develop their own kind of empathies with their immense constructions. Most designers and builders of great engineering constructions such as skyscrapers, suspension bridges, and large maritime vessels, have had their 14 Airships in International Affairs, 1890–1940 own pride of identification with their achievements. Airships, with their unusual size and three-dimensional mobility, exercised their own unique fascination.

7 Obtaining neither a further hearing nor funds, Zeppelin wrote to the Prussian War Ministry yet again in August 1895, citing new technological authorities for the effectiveness of his invention and stressing both its military and peacetime potentialities. For the next decade thereafter relations between the Prusso-German Army and the Count barely passed polite formalities. In the meanwhile, however, the Prussian Army had systematically developed its aerial arm, establishing the first balloonist training station near Berlin in 1894.

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