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By James Thurber

Thurber is one other a type of nearly-forgotten geniuses of yank humor dependent on the New Yorker. worthy reading.


Another choice of Thurberiana, exact in that it includes a peppering of the author's favorites, additionally an creation to his
"serious comedy." one of the 32 tales lurk joyosities equivalent to "The girl of Orlon," "The Psychosemanticist Will See you currently,
Mr. Thurber," "Get Thee to a Monastery" and "The Moribundant lifestyles, or become older besides Whom?"

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Poli tici ans love it the way they love such expressions as " legis l a t i vewise . " It was, however, the physiologist I have a lready mentioned who classified those of us who are still up and about as " the non-institu tionalized. " This is a piece of bungalorum calcu­ lated to give even the healthiest men a sense of monoli thic i nsecuri ty. "Non" has an insidious way of creeping i n to izationisms. " This nega­ tionization of what once could be descri bed as verbal com­ munication caused a Scot of my acquaintance to ask me, " Have you nothing that is posi tively American?

I overheard the young lady on your left at dinner," said Dr. Bach, "remarking that she had seen the original com­ pany of 'The Male Animal' with Gene Tierney. " I squirmed a little in my chair, but seeing that I was about to speak, Dr. Bach raised his hand for silence and went on. "In spite of your manly efforts on behalf of the dramatur· gic survival of your sex, we observe that your little farce will be remembered, if it is remembered, as a 1 940 vehicle for M iss Gene Tierney. Edmund Kean, of coorse, would have strangled the youpg lady at your table.

A bientot. 19 The Psychosemanticist Will See You Now, Mr. Thurber I BELIEVE THERE ARE N O SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATORS THAT ACTU· ally call themselves psychosemanticists, but it is surely time for these highly specialized therapeuticians to set up of­ fices. They must not be carelessly confused with psychoso­ maticists, who study the effects of mental weather upon the ramparts of the body. The psychosemanticists will special­ ize in the havoc wrought by verbal artillery upon the for­ tress of reason.

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