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By Josef Wiesehofer

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ISBN-13: 9781860646751

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Inscriptions (legends DBa-l (here A–L) Babylonian version Left side First Elamite version Front side Second Elamite version Col I. Col II. Col III. Old Persian version Col V. Old Persian version Col I. Col II. Col III. Col IV. Figure  Bisutun, Monument of Darius I (drawing) placing of the large inscription next to the relief and the above-mentioned changes in the wording of its first section point to a revision or elaboration of the text and the monument as a whole. The third phase marks the creation of the  lines in the Babylonian version of the inscription on the left of the relief, as well as the Babylonian legends (DBb–j).

Presenting gifts to the great king: the ruler meets his subjects When the great king travels through Persia, every Persian presents him with a gift in accordance with his capacity. But as the Persians practise farming and till the soil with their own hands, they bring no luxurious gifts, not even very precious ones, but a cow, a sheep, or else cereals or even wine. When the king passes by on his journey, everyone offers him such gifts, which are described as presents and accepted by him as such.

Into this sanctuary the candidate for initiation must pass, and after laying aside his own proper robe, must put on that which Cyrus the Elder used to wear before he became king; then he must eat of a cake of figs, chew some terebinth, and drink a cup of sour milk. The king is thus reminded of the old Persian way of life and, by putting on the clothes of Cyrus, assumes his power and authority too. The ‘consecration’ in the temple of Anahita and the invocation of Ahura Mazda in the course of the ceremonies are seen as the ritual expression of the idea of the divine right of sovereignty, as recorded in the inscriptions.

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