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0 for ASPD and tranquilizer dependence. 05) greater for women than men in the cases of ASPD with any amphetamine use disorder, amphetamine dependence, marijuana use disorders, any cocaine use disorder, and cocaine dependence; and AABS with any sedative use disorder, any tranquilizer use disorder and tranquilizer abuse, any opioid use disorder, amphetamine use disorders, any hallucinogen use disorder and hallucinogen abuse, any marijuana use disorder and marijuana abuse, any cocaine use disorder, and cocaine abuse.

M. Hesselbrock & M. N. , 1998; V. M. Hesselbrock & M. N. , 1994) among respondents with ASPD. Epidemiologic Samples To our knowledge, only two epidemiologic studies, both based on the NESARC, have examined associations of antisocial syndromes with the clinical presentation of substance use disorders: Goldstein, Dawson, Saha, et al. (2007) with respect to lifetime AUDs, and Goldstein, W. M. Compton, Pulay, et al. (2007) with respect to lifetime DUDs. In both AUDs and DUDs, antisociality was significantly associated with clinical presentation, particularly ASPD with the most severe manifestations.

Grant Variability in Prevalences of Comorbid Antisociality Among Clinical Samples Ascertained for Substance Use Disorders The wide variability in rates of antisocial syndromes among patients in addiction treatment settings may in part reflect differences in assessment methodology as well as in source populations from which patients enrolled in treatment. As well, the study by CritsCristoph et al. (1999), in which relatively low rates of ASPD were observed, excluded patients with characteristics highly likely to be related to syndromal antisociality, including those with unstable living situations, imminent suicidality or homicidality, and pending incarceration or mandate for treatment by law enforcement or child protective authorities.

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