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L. a. teoria darwiniana dell'evoluzione rappresenta uno dei maggiori successi scientifici di ogni pace; eppure molte persone che non si occupano di scienza a livello professionale los angeles rifiutano e mostrano invece di credere in varie forme di creazionismo. Sembra, come ha osservato Richard Dawkins, che il nostro cervello sia stato specificamente "progettato" according to fraintendere il darwinismo e che l'ipotesi di una "mente creatrice superiore" sia in line with l'uomo più attraente e naturale.

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962 Note: see Table 1-1. 15 16 C. Dalle Nogare and M. Vassalli Table 1-8. 961 Note: see Table 1-1. Table 1-9. 961 R2 Note: see Table 1-1. The regression result using POLINDX1 is itself problematic, as shown in Table 1-4. Column 3 shows a very good result in terms of significance and magnitude of the coefficients of all regressors considered. Yet it is the only case out of 4 when POLINDX1 is significant. 1. 19 Table 1-9 shows the results using the new political index, named NEWPOLINDX1. The comparison between Table 1-4 and Table 1-9 highlights that the problem does not lie in the construction of the index of political pressure.

2. A Simulative Assessment of the Electoral System 27 Table 2-4. Chamber of Deputies in 2001 Alliances Seats House of Freedoms 368 The Olive Tree* 247 PRC 11 SVP 3 UV 1 * PDS + The Daisy + SDI + Greens + PdCI. Table 2-5. 87 * The representativeness index in 1992 is lower than 1 due to the existence of multi-member electoral districts instead of a single national district. The existence of a proportional share allows us to apply the index of representativeness. As expected, the mixed system from 1994 to 2001 is always less representative than the proportional one in 1992 (see Table 2-5).

12 C. Dalle Nogare and M. Vassalli Table 1-1. 962 Sample: 1984:9-1998:12. Dependent variable: interest rate. Specifications: see (3) and its augmented version according to (5) in text. Estimates are obtained by GMM. Standard errors of coefficients in parenthesis: *,**, and *** denote significance at 10%, 5% and 1%, respectively. The instruments used for the baseline specification are: a constant, 12 lags of inflation, output gap, CPI energy, world price index of raw materials excluding fuel and lags 2 to -12 of interest rate.

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